AGU Fall Meeting, 2012

2 Dec 2012

PA008: Is Video Replacing Writing? The Role of Video in Effectively Communicating Science

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Public Affairs (PA)


Education (ED)


  1. Douglas Alan Harned
    U.S.Geological Survey
  2. Gerard McMahon
  3. Ryan Vachon
    Earth Initiatives

Index Terms:

[0825] EDUCATION / Teaching methods
[1974] INFORMATICS / Social networks
[6699] PUBLIC ISSUES / General or miscellaneous
[9820] GENERAL OR MISCELLANEOUS / Techniques applicable in three or more fields


“New digital technologies have revolutionized use of video as a means of communication. Admit it—video is better than writing in many cases. How can scientists and educators best use the appeal of video and new media to communicate scientific results? This session will showcase video developed to disseminate scientific results to different audiences, and video used in the classroom to enhance learning. Discussion will include how video is a tool for communication, education, and how it is important to integrate information over many platforms, including social media. We will examine the changing face of the media, implications of the changes, and what we expect the changes to be in the future.”