Climate Science History

Global warming natural cycle: understanding the difference between the main climate drivers of the natural Milankovitch Cycles and how that influences natural variation in ice, oceans, vegetation and seasons, helps us understand how the earth moves in and out of ice ages. From this context we can more easily understand the forces involved in our current global warming. Written & narrated by John P. Reisman. Science review by: Mike (Michael) Mann, Jeff Severinghaus, and James Maslanik, with special thanks to Ralph Keeling, David Archer, and Bette L. Otto-Bliesner.

The reality is that as early as 1896, Svante Arrhenius predicted the earth may warm due to the production of  industrial greenhouse gases. As early as the 1950’s we had enough understanding to see that the assumptions made in the 1800’s were standing on firm scientific ground. The fact that we have not been doing anything about it has nothing to do with insufficient understanding of the science, it has to do with insufficient understanding by industry, policy makers and the public as to how climate change can and will impose negative impacts that will resonate throughout our entire economic infrastructure.

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