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Music – the Universal Language

An Ever-Present Influence in My Life.

I love exploring music. Whether it’s just playing with nothing in mind and seeing where the music goes, jamming with other players, or playing songs from other artists, written in other times. It’s like tapping into moments written in the story of our existence. Feelings, senses and sensibilities expressed about who we are, who we’ve been, or who we could be, or might become…

Ron Thal did a benefit concert in Buncrana, Ireland to help a family with legal fees related to the loss of their daughter. I played a few songs at the show. This clip, a live recording, is from Johnny B Goode.

Subjective verses Objective ‘Totem’ by Rush:

“I believe in what I see
I believe in what I hear
I believe that what I’m feeling
Changes how the world appears.” Rush

Writer Niel Peart, was known for objectivism. He often wrote lyrics pointing out the apparent risks of subjectivity. The song ‘Totem’ did this very well.

On humanity: ‘We Shall Be Free’ by Garth Brooks:

“When there’s only one race and that’s mankind
Then we shall be free.” Garth Brooks

“The Captains” in Pensacola

The Captains

by The Captains in Pensacola | The Captains in Pensacola

Rush: ‘Cinderella Man

A modest man from Mandrake, Travelled rich to the city
He had a need to discover, A use for his newly-found wealth
Because he was human, Because he had goodness
Because he was moral, They called him insane

Delusions of grandeur, Visions of splendour, A manic depressive, He walks in the rain

Eyes wide open, Heart undefended, Innocence untarnished
Cinderella Man, Doing what you can, They can’t understand, What it means

Cinderella Man, Hang on to your plans,Try as they might, They cannot steal your dreams

In the betrayal of his love he awakened, To face a world of cold reality
And a look in the eyes of the hungry, Awakened him to what he could do

He held up his riches, To challenge the hungry, Purposeful motion, For one so insane

They tried to fight him, Just couldn’t beat him, This manic depressive, Who walks in the rain